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This place has a Pump machine Last Added/Edited by refon_s
Works every day, opens at 10 AM, closes at midnight (monday-thursday, sunday)/1 AM (friday-saturday).

Has an FX cab running PRIME version 1.21.0, 5 hearts, SB off, offline, 30 roubles per play. 
You have to buy their card (50 roubles) and then top it up. It has a bonus system, e.g. paying 600 roubles will give you 700 on the card, so be 

The screen is a bit burned out with PIU NX main screen but still good overall.
Pads are roughly four out of five, seen arcades with much worse pads, bars are on place. 
Speakers work well without any problems.

Usually the place is crowded by kids, but usually they don't pay attention to the dance machine, preferring racing games and other stuff. So you can say it's usually pretty free around it. Rare non-casual players usually appear on weekends.

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